Control App Version 1.13.0

We are excited to announce the latest update to our app, which includes some great improvements! With this version, we have improved compatibility with the latest operating systems, including Android 13 and iOS 16. We have also added the ability to edit Sous Vide presets even when the device is offline.

Additionally, we have added a link to our CASO Shop so you can easily access our wide range of accessories, exciting products, and app-controlled wine refrigerators. Discover our high-quality wine refrigerators and find the perfect wine for any occasion. You can also explore new recipes and videos to perfect your Sous Vide cooking skills.

We have also simplified the pairing process for new devices, allowing you to quickly start cooking or storing your favorite beverages. In this version, we have also made push notification settings more detailed so you can select exactly which notifications you want to receive. You can now also switch languages within the app to suit your needs.

Of course, we have also made several small bug fixes to ensure the app runs smoothly. We are confident that you will enjoy the latest features of our app to enhance your Sous Vide or wine refrigeration experience. Thank you for using our app!